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Low Fee Clinic for Psychoanalysis

TBIPS is  currently in the process of expanding our services to the community via the Low Fee Clinic for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at the Tampa Bay Psychoanalytic Center (TBPC). Our office building is located at 13919 Carrollwood Village Run, Tampa, FL,  33618, (813) 908-5080 which houses the TBPC, staffed by experienced, licensed clinicians, and is home to the training program at TBIPS, as well as hosts a Film Series and various discussion groups and community classes.  Low fee psychoanalysis is available with candidates in training at TBIPS.  Candidates additionally receive supervision from the most experienced of mental health professionals.

TBIPS respectfully requests that you support our Building Fund for the Tampa Bay Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, Inc (T-BIPS)and the Tampa Bay Psychoanalytic Center (TBPC), our Low Fee Clinic for Psychoanalysis by making a tax deductible donation.

Childhood trauma from neglect and deprivation and from physical and sexual abuse not only lead to immune compromise, chronic illnesses,  and psychosomatic illnesses, but these are more often than not found in the background of many persons who later require mental health services.  People from lower socioeconomic strata many times have as their only option mental health centers which often rely on newly licensed, inexperienced clinicians to provide services, as well as rely on time-limited, insurance-endorsed forms of treatment and medications which cannot sufficiently address the overwhelming nature of childhood traumas. Long-entrenched ways of experiencing the self and the self with others require protracted and in-depth treatment if the brain (neuronal connections and dendritic branching) is to be re-configured.  Psychoanalysis provides protracted immersion in experience that allows a new way of being in the world.



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