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                                                       Program Offerings


About our Program: TBIPS is a professional community which embraces pluralism and a comprehensive contemporary view of psychoanalysis within the context of a mutually respectful and open learning atmosphere.

We invite you to:

         Deepen and develop  your clinical skills

·        Join  colleagues to network and share practical issues

·         Enroll in an individual class, or

·         Enroll in a training program

Two year certificate program in Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Four year certificate program in Psychoanalysis

Courses: Classes are open to mental health professionals with an interest in psychoanalytic ideas. The courses may be taken independently, but, in order to optimally elaborate concepts, we suggest that you enroll in the full semester.  Immersion through training (courses, personal treatment, and supervision) allows the richest outcome.

Distance Learning:  Long distance learning options available through use of conference calling or Skype video conferencing.

Fall Semester 2017

All courses meet Wednesday mornings for 16 weeks,:

Wednesday mornings: Sep 20, 27; Oct 4, 11, 18, 25; Nov 1, 8, 15, 29; Dec 3, 10, 17 2017; Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 2018.


Introduction to Psychoanalytic Concepts I: The Fall semester will provide a strong foundation in theory and relationship, with emphasis on how to listen and respond, the myth of analytic authority, and on the asymmetrically co-created psychoanalytic situation. In the second semester, contributions from major theoretical predecessors from Ego/Structural and Drive, Objects Relations, Interpersonal, and Self Psychology, and how these influence Relational, and Intersubjectivity in clinical engagement will be discussed, as well as Affect Regulation, and Attachment Theory.


Introduction to Group Dynamics I This course aims to help the clinician understand group dynamics from the perspective of different theoretical schools. Many psychoanalytic approaches will be discussed to help the trainee shape an identity as a group thinker. There will be references to combined modalities (both group and individual treatments) with same and different therapist/s .Contemporary approaches will be discussed in dialogue with more classical group ideas.


Clinical Case Conference: This course is designed to support the clinician?s work and offers opportunity to integrate clinical material with psychoanalytic concepts, including ethics, and ways to deepen the psychoanalytic process, with a focus on the therapist?s self reflection, the clinical relationship, and ways to facilitate what is mutative for the patient. Attendees are encouraged to present case material.


Practical Analytic Subjectivity I: Designed to develop in the clinician an increased capacity to negotiate the analytic frame, including fees and frequency, as well as increase the capacity for curiosity in the patient for a deeper psychoanalytic experience. Also included will be emphasis on self care of the clinician.



                     Please complete form and return with check made out to TBIPS by Aug 16, 2017.

           Introduction to Psychoanalytic Concepts I (16weeks) Wednesdays 8:00am-9:15am Sep 20, 2017 ? Jan 24, 2018 Fee: $250 for a single course    ($200 if enrolled in 3 or more  courses)

           Introduction to Group Dynamics I (16weeks) Wednesdays also at 8:00am-9:15am Sep 20, 2017 ? Jan 24, 2018 Fee: $250 for a single course    ($200 if enrolled in 3 or more  courses)

           Clinical Case Conference (16 weeks) Wednesdays 9:30am-10:45am  Sep 20, 2017 ? Jan 24, 2018, 2018 Fee: $250 for a single course  ($200 if enrolled in 3 or more courses)

           Practical Analytic Subjectivity I: (16 weeks) Wednesdays 11:00am-12:15pm   Sep 20, 2017 ? Jan 24, 2018, Fee: $250 for a single course ($200 if enrolled in 3 or more courses

           Total Payment Enclosed (one course: $250; two courses: $500; three courses:  $600)

(Refund policy: 85% 7 days before classes begin)


Must include this page with Payment.  Registration deadline is August 16, 2017.

Deadline is for all application material, registration form, and payment. 

Registration deadline is August 7, 2017. Deadline is  for all application material, registration form, and payment.

Name________________________________________ Degree____

License #_______State___


State___  Zip______

Email address________________________________ 

Request long distance learning ____(yes)

Mail form with check made out to TBIPS (and CV if first time registrant) to; 

TBIPS, Inc    13919 Carrollwood Village Run, Tampa, FL  33618

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TBIPS Visiting Faculty:

Ghislaine Boulanger, PhD                

Jim Fossage, PhD                               

Virginia Goldner, PhD

Jane Hall, MD 

Bruce Herzog, PhD

Carla Leone, PhD

Lauren Levine, PhD

William Player, PhD

Barbara Pizer, PhD

Stuart Pizer, PhD                           

Bruce Reis, PhD

Philip Ringstrom, PhD 

Fred Sander, MD

David Shaddock, PhD

Daniel Shaw, LCSW

Judith Siegel, PhD

Frank Summers, PhD

Judith Teicholz, PhD                                 

Anthonio Virsida, PhD 
































































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