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Application Process

We at TBIPS are delighted that you are have decided to enhance your enjoyment, confidence and clinical skills by seeking further training by applying to TBIPS. TBIPS offers a three-pronged training experience: didactic courses which strive to be co-particpatory, always encouraging candidates to bring in their own case material to illustrate discussed concepts; personal treatment to bring to life what is being discussed in the courses and to make use of one of the most potent mutative forces: implicit, procedural, relational knowing; and supervision of control cases from your own practice to apply what you are learning to your specific clinical setting.

While TBIPS allows students to take courses individually or in toto without becoming candidates, we encourage taking the candidate tract as it exponentially increases the learning expereince.

To begin the application process: go to the "application for training" section and fill out the form and mail it to TBIPS. Please note that transcripts, two references, and copiesof clinical license and malpractice insurance are needed for those who seek the clinical candidate tracks.

Two interviews will then be set up with faculty members to assess our mutual interests. You may request a meeting with a current candidate in order to ask questions about training.




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